!The Sea Cat cats!

🐾🐈!The Sea Cat cats!🐈🐾
This is Mogwai (pictures 1 & 2) and Yendi (pictures 3 & 4), you may have seen Yendi pop up in my stories before but Mogwai came to join the family a few days ago. Mogwai is actually one of Yendi’s kittens she had years back, we have rehomed her and I will be slowly introducing them back together when the time is right.
She has a lovely temperament, unlike her grumpy mother and has quickly become a great embroidery partner. Yendi likes to get involved with my crafts too but she doesn’t settle as quick so if usually a case of me trying to craft whilst she flicks her tail in my face. They are inspiring me to do some new embroidery pieces and Yendi has inspired one of my print designs in the past, so they do help in a way. 🤣
They are both great cats with funny personalities, they are so different considering they are mother and daughter.

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