SLUGLY starts tonight!

SLUGLY starts tonight! 

If you haven’t already heard….

Myself, Slimetime, Lisa Price and Piffy Garb have been working so hard the last few months to bring you this wonderful arts micro-festival and there are so many talented artists involved. My work will be on display in the exhibition and Anti-fashion show this weekend, however I am unable to attend due to being in recovery from surgery, but please go and indulge in the amazing market full of incredible work!

See and buy the best of Bristol’s custom clothing and art scene celebration queersness, kink and surrealist bodies.

An antidote to fast fashion and bland outfits, let SLUGLY stimulate your adventurous side and reconnect with slug trails…

Tickets for the Anti-fashion show tonight have sold out but the market and exhibition  is open all weekend for you to explore!

There will be a live stream of the anti-fashion show tonight and I will post up the link later this evening!
I am also offering 10% off everything in my shop over £15  until the 13th October when you use the discount code: SLUGLY10

Find us at:
The Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell street, 1st floor
*S O C I A L L Y  D I S T A N C E D*

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