Rats that craft launch day!

I am so excited to announce that the first session on ‘Rats who craft’ hosted by The Sea Cat
is happening today with our second group following on Saturday!
‘Rats who craft’ is a group for people struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain, this is something close to The Sea Cat’s heart. She has struggled with chronic pain and PTSD for a while now and has been using her crafts to manage the pain and anxiety, she is finally able to start sharing this with a small, socially distanced group. She is hoping for the group to grow in future when restrictions allow with the potential of doing workshops taught by other members of the SCRAP YARD RATS.
The group is a lgbtq+ safe space, a space where it’s safe to communicate about our problems, or just get together and do something positive.
I’ll try and get some photos and videos to post later!

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