Justacard Indie week- What the ‘SHOP INDEPENDENT’ message means to me.

It’s day 2 of @justacard Indie week! Today I am explaining what the SHOP INDEPENDENT message means to me, so here goes..
Shopping with independent artists and businesses has always been important for me, it makes me feel good to buy from another artist because I understand that a sale is not only some income but it’s supporting an individuals dreams, goals and creativity. Every time you buy from an artist you know that they are doing a happy dance or getting that much needed hit of serotonin after spending hours making and perfecting their work. It feels great on both ends!
For some your interest in their work means eating, paying bills, sending children to school with everything they need etc. It may be ‘just a card’ to you but it could mean that you are helping someone with the big things.
Now is a more important time than ever to shop independent, our small businesses are dying out due to the Covid-19 restrictions and we need to help save them. It may be new to you but buying art online is the future as our markets are unable to function as normal in these difficult times, however you will be helping much more than you think. Each sale, share, save, like and comment boosts the creators algorithm and makes their work more widely accessible to new people, you don’t need to spend a fortune to help someone out.
When someone buys something from me I get so excited and almost a little emotional to think that someone out there loves what I do! It is a brilliant feeling to post off an item to new places, knowing that your work is being spread all over the place. The support I get from my customers is extremely important to me and encourages me to keep doing what I do, pushing myself to learn new things and to have pride in my work.
So thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me in my journey, and remember to shop independent!
The Sea Cat

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