@justacard Indie week- Spread the love.

It’s day 4 of @justacard Indie week and Instagram challenge and today I’m sharing some of my favorite artists with you! This is an incredibly difficult task as I have so many creative people in my life and I can’t seem to narrow it down, these are all artists that inspire me, some are friends of mine, some are just talented artists that I love! Please give them a follow, like, share, comment, whatever, just spread the love! I have tagged all the accounts below, if you click a tag you will be taken to their Instagram page.

The Sea Cat

@mogwai_breakcore @puss_ytattie @dhammit.tat @rare_bear_ @kaowa_creations @martaajunke @baddiva.vontease @slimetime_slugtopia @scum4gold @mouxja @lewysedwards @mengi.may @charliecrossdesigns @littlebodiesshop @hulmeloonies1 @mauritzverlinden @fungi_lighting @madagast.art @mosaic.rocks  @sewyoursoul @lalatigerbloom @stickupcrochet @lil_p.i.g. @sadcattttttt @antikki.tattoo @devilsdenclothing @the_littlest_falcon @libby.bove.design @bespokebazaarrr @millipedeity @broke_boutique @paintedpeachuk @bratbabytattoo @captain_purky @themechanicalmenagerie @buttongirlart @mushka.mizu @lauragraingerceramics @discoredia_tattt @westbrook_forge_craft @fleurillustrates @frog_paracord_designs @moofshroom.emporium @disinfectedslut @mollylemonart @shizzy_clo @alicio.d.alfonsina @annalisaluciana @weirdsculpture @glassartwerks @mattgjlawrence @freeorgy @the_drawing_room_art @alexandrakehayoglou @westweaves @lisaseaurchin @sorryjonnydied @six_herons @ladylillypot @miss_sohee @kathrin_marchenko @lemonpepperstudio



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