Justacard Indie week! Meet the maker.

Hello and welcome to @justacard Indie week, I will be taking part in the Instagram challenge this week so I’m starting off today with explaining who I am and what I do.
I am The Sea Cat, an embroidery artist from Gloucestershire, England (currently living in Manchester). I take inspiration from nature and the world around me to create unique hand embroidered items such as upcycled clothing, patches, embroidery hoops and jewellery, I also take commissions for special custom pieces.
I have been an embroidery artist for around 3.5 years, teaching myself everything I know, I am constantly learning new things and improving my skills. I love to do my embroidery free hand, watching it grow from a few tiny stitches to something amazing, I use a method called ‘thread painting’ to make my one of a kind items.
I started practicing the art as a new hobby but it quickly grew into much more for me, not only is it a fun past time,it is an important part of my routine. I have suffered with Chronic Pelvic pain for a good few years now, it affects my life in ways you wouldn’t think of every day, I use embroidery to manage the pain. It sounds odd but it really works for me! A few months back I had major surgery and was unable to do almost everything for a long time after (I am still in the healing process, it will be a while until I’m fully healed). Luckily embroidery was one of the few things I could manage to do so I have been using it to help with my healing too.
I am very passionate about my work, especially the upcycling side of it, it is important to me that my small business is sustainable and that I bring a new lease of life to old pieces of clothing and other materials. The fast fashion industry is one of the main contributors to global warming, we need to combat this by making the most out of the fabrics and clothing that we already have on the planet. This message is so important to me that I started a collective this year called the SCRAP YARD RATS, all of the artists involved produce art in all different mediums using recycled materials in the process.
I am a creative person, always exploring new ways to make things but I also love to get out in nature, walking and taking in all of the amazing plants and creatures life has to offer. I am a keen gardener and cook, I also love to dance! I have been missing gigs, festivals and raves this year, there’s nothing like shaking it all off with your friends. In my spare time I also like to model, this photo is taken from a shoot not long before I went into hospital.
I have a lot of new ideas and plans whizzing round my head at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting projects.
Thanks for reading,
The Sea Cat

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