Huge thanks!

Want to say a massive thanks to CHORLTON ARTS FESTIVAL and SLIME TIME for hosting my work at their events over the past couple of weekends. It has been a difficult few months for me with a lot of upsetting and life changing stuff happening but having these events to focus on preparing for when I got out of hospital has really helped me to keep it together.
The Chorlton Arts Festival Virtual event was amazing I was seriously impressed with everyone’s virtual galleries and artwork. It’s still all available to view online through my website or at

I was devastated to not be able to attend the SLUGLY: Antifashion Arts Micro-Festival after organising the market side of the event however my work was there on the catwalk and in the exhibition which was a proud moment for me.
I am still offering 10% off everything over £15 in my shop until the 13th October with discount code: SLUGLY10

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