Happy New Year!

Did you do anything exciting last night? We had fondue and got kept up by the kids on the street like the old folk we are haha!
Wasn’t 2020 was an interesting one… but not all bad! Despite a huge setback when I had to have surgery I have smashed it with my work. I am getting to a point that I’m really happy with most of the things I make, I am branching out into submitting my work to galleries and doing more events, I started a collective called the SCRAP YARD RATS, I started lino printing, moved into my new studio and I have redone all of my website etc to really reflect my style and where I am with my work.
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, your likes, comments, shares and purchases mean so much to me. Another massive thanks needs to go to my partner in crime, he has been a star, constantly encouraging me and helping me to achieve with my projects and every day life.
I said to myself that I was going to have a break over Christmas but my brain just doesn’t work like that, I recently bought a new art laptop and have been working away at logos and some drawings that you may see printed on things this year. I am hoping to be offering this as a service soon.

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