Chorlton Arts Festival Virtual

Here are all of the links that you need to view the first ever Chorlton Arts Festival Virtual! More information on how to use the virtual galleries and performance space below.
Here you can find the links to all the virtual galleries, virtual Chorlton and the Solstice performance hub.

This will take you to virtual Chorlton where you can walk down the streets discovering each artists gallery as you go.

This will take you to the Art steps gallery where you can browse everyone's art together in one large virtual gallery.

This will take you to the Solstice performance hub (event timetable posted below).

This will take you to my virtual gallery.


Use arrow keys or D S A and W to move around and hold down the cursor to look change the direction of the view or pinch on phones.

Right click on an image to enlarge it.

If the sound in the Solstice performance hub isn't working try exiting and entering the room again.

To leave a hub either close the browser, use the portal to take you back to virtual Chorlton or find your way back to the Chorlton Arts Festival website.

In virtual Chorlton and all of the artists hubs you can chat to each other by using your mic or typing in the chat bar at the bottom of the screen.



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