NEW GIFT CARDS- now in my shop.

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well! Today I would like to share with you my newest listing, you can now get gift cards for my shop! Do you know someone who likes my work but you’re not sure what to get them for Christmas/Yuletide? The Sea Cat gift card is the perfect gift for them, all you need to do is select the amount you want on the card in the drop down menu and tell me what names you would like put on it if it’s being sent straight to them.

New stickers

Hello again! I have been really quiet on social media lately as I’ve been stuck in hospital post operation. I got home a couple of days ago and I’m starting to settle again so thought now would be a great time to show you these amazing new stickers that will be added to your orders🖤

Upcycled shirt and apron

The next upcycled pieces are both made from one dress. I split the dress into a top and an apron to hold all of my stuff whilst I’m working on my art.

The top features some of the bats from the excess fabric from the bat crop top I posted the other day, some beautiful buttons and a patch from the amazing Bad Diva Designs

The apron has some recycled lace and a recycled fabric pouch, check out all those pockets!

Bat top

My next upcycled clothing piece I’ve been working on is this bat top, the top was given to me by a friend and had full length sleeves and a t-shirt neckline. I’ve added some recycled material, trim and hand embroidered patches.

Bats are my favorite animals so it was a fun piece to create, I have been really enjoying working on my own wardrobe recently, working old clothes into something fresh and new, keep your eyes peeled to see what I did with the sleeves of this top!

New patches in my shop

I have a bunch of new patches available in my shop, fresh up this morning!

This little series of teeth are all hand embroidered free hand making each one unique. They make a great addition to a jacket or a bag and are easily sewn on. 

You can find them by clicking the ‘Shop‘ button.