Rats that craft launch day!

I am so excited to announce that the first session on ‘Rats who craft’ hosted by The Sea Cat
is happening today with our second group following on Saturday!
‘Rats who craft’ is a group for people struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain, this is something close to The Sea Cat’s heart. She has struggled with chronic pain and PTSD for a while now and has been using her crafts to manage the pain and anxiety, she is finally able to start sharing this with a small, socially distanced group. She is hoping for the group to grow in future when restrictions allow with the potential of doing workshops taught by other members of the SCRAP YARD RATS.
The group is a lgbtq+ safe space, a space where it’s safe to communicate about our problems, or just get together and do something positive.
I’ll try and get some photos and videos to post later!

The SCRAP YARD RATS Online Christmas Market

As we aren’t all able to go and enjoy Christmas markets this holiday season the SCRAP YARD RATS collective have put together a wonderful Online market here on Facebook. The market will be held over the weekend of the 4th-6th December.
The SCRAP YARD RATS are a collective of artists working in many different mediums, all of which use scrap and recycled materials in their work.
Remember folks shop small this year, help out the creatives that are struggling to do what they do in these times. Not only will you be helping our fantastic artists by shopping in out online market but you will also be helping the environment! Christmas creates so much waste worldwide, this year make the decision to SHOP UPCYCLED! Don’t give Christmas to Amazon!
Links to each item will be posted along side photos by different artists, follow the links to browse shops and purchase pieces.
Event link:
Make sure you click ‘GOING’ on the event page so you get notifications about when it’s starting.

The Sea Cat’s Online Christmas Market

As I am unable to attend any Christmas markets this year due to Covid restrictions I will be holding an online market on Facebook for everyone to attend safely from their own homes.
Over this time I will be posting all of my stock to the page for you to browse with some exclusive deals for you to enjoy.
All of the pieces are available in my ETSY shop but if you would like a bespoke piece made specially please send me a message through here, Facebook, Instagram or ETSY.
Let’s not let Amazon have Christmas, shop small this year and help out the creatives in these odd times.
Event page:
Make sure you click ‘GOING’ so you get notifications about when it’s starting.

Huge thanks!

Want to say a massive thanks to CHORLTON ARTS FESTIVAL and SLIME TIME for hosting my work at their events over the past couple of weekends. It has been a difficult few months for me with a lot of upsetting and life changing stuff happening but having these events to focus on preparing for when I got out of hospital has really helped me to keep it together.
The Chorlton Arts Festival Virtual event was amazing I was seriously impressed with everyone’s virtual galleries and artwork. It’s still all available to view online through my website or at chorltonarts.org

I was devastated to not be able to attend the SLUGLY: Antifashion Arts Micro-Festival after organising the market side of the event however my work was there on the catwalk and in the exhibition which was a proud moment for me.
I am still offering 10% off everything over £15 in my shop until the 13th October with discount code: SLUGLY10

SLUGLY starts tonight!

SLUGLY starts tonight! 

If you haven’t already heard….

Myself, Slimetime, Lisa Price and Piffy Garb have been working so hard the last few months to bring you this wonderful arts micro-festival and there are so many talented artists involved. My work will be on display in the exhibition and Anti-fashion show this weekend, however I am unable to attend due to being in recovery from surgery, but please go and indulge in the amazing market full of incredible work!

See and buy the best of Bristol’s custom clothing and art scene celebration queersness, kink and surrealist bodies.

An antidote to fast fashion and bland outfits, let SLUGLY stimulate your adventurous side and reconnect with slug trails…

Tickets for the Anti-fashion show tonight have sold out but the market and exhibition  is open all weekend for you to explore!

There will be a live stream of the anti-fashion show tonight and I will post up the link later this evening!
I am also offering 10% off everything in my shop over £15  until the 13th October when you use the discount code: SLUGLY10

Find us at:
The Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell street, 1st floor
*S O C I A L L Y  D I S T A N C E D*

SLUGLY- Bristol 24/7 post

If you’re in Bristol this weekend head on down to the SLUGLY: Antifashion Arts Micro-Festival! Myself, @slimetime_slugtopia and @piffygarb have been working together to bring you this incredible event. The Friday night tickets have now sold out but everyone is welcome to drop into the market over the rest of the weekend. You don’t want to miss this!

Big thanks to Bristol 22/7 for posting this article about us! Click the picture to check it out.

You can find more information about the event on the event page here.




Chorlton Arts Festival virtual- links and timetables

From 6-8pm you can join the Launch event in our Solstice performance hub, over the rest of the weekend you will be able to watch performances and join in games in this hub too, the timetable below:
You will be able to wander the streets of Virtual Chorlton, discovering our artists galleries along the way:
Or you could view all of the artists work together in the Artsteps gallery:
If you would like to start off in my gallery use this link:
Instructions on how to use the hubs:
Use arrow keys or D S A and W to move around and hold down the cursor to look change the direction of the view or pinch on phones.
Right click on an image to enlarge it.
If the sound in the Solstice performance hub isn’t working try exiting and entering the room again.
To leave a hub either close the browser, use the portal to take you back to virtual Chorlton or find your way back to the Chorlton Arts Festival website.
In virtual Chorlton and all of the artists hubs you can chat to each other by using your mic or typing in the chat bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can also find these links on the ‘Chorlton Arts Festival‘ section of my website.

10% off anything in my shop over £15 until 6th October use discount code: CHORLTONARTSVIRTAL

Read more about the festival at www.chorltonarts.org