It’s #meetthemakerweek so here is a little about me…
I’m The Sea Cat, a 23 year old embroidery artist from the South West of England, currently living in Manchester. I have been practicing embroidery for the around 3 years and I absolutely love it however I don’t just do embroidery, I like to try my hand at a bit of everything.
I have taught myself everything I know about embroidery over those three years and I’m constantly learning more. I think embroidery can be a very empowering art, it was once thought of ‘woman’s work’ but that is currently changing in a big way, it’s great that it has been making a comeback over more recent years.
My main inspiration for my work comes from nature as you can probably see from my previous posts, I quite enjoy photography too so lately I have been taking photos of the gorgeous plants, fungi and creatures around me to reference in my work. I also like to take inspiration from my other interests.
I love to upcycle in my work, it gives me great joy to produce something new from something old, I love to make models, jewellery and especially clothing with reused materials. I make a lot of upcycled clothing, I often embellish them with hand embroidered patches that I’ve made. This year I started a small collective of artists called the SCRAP YARD RATS, we are all artists that use recycled materials in our work, it’s very new to me but I’m happy with where it’s going, it has sparked up a few ideas for collaborations so watch this space!
I have suffered with Chronic Pelvic Pain for around 5 years now and I feel that the time I spend stitching is extremely therapeutic for me, helping me to manage the pain. I had major surgery in August which I’m still recovering from, I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if it wasn’t for my embroidery work keeping my mind active. It feels ironic that I am now all stitched up…
I am flooded with inspiration at the moment and have a lot of ideas ready to be made into the real thing, I will slowly be working through the queue of plans and making this all happen over the coming months. I am really excited for this as I will be working on some big things that I’ve never tried before, I can’t wait to share this with you.
Trousers hand embroidered by The Sea Cat

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